Suzy Hotrod

Derby Number:  55

Years Playing Derby:  11 years
Current Team(s) Skating For:
- Gotham Girls Roller Derby
- Team USA
Position:  Jammer that hits and Blocker that jams around obstacles
Riedell Skate Setup:
- Boots: Custom Riedell 595
- Plates: PowerDyne Reactor Pro Series
- Cushions: PowerDyne Magic Cushions - Yellow (85A)
- Bearings: KwiK Swiss Nitride
- Wheels: Radar Presto 59mm 91A (Highlighter Yellow)
- Gear Bag: Riedell Equipment Bag

Why I Skate Riedell:  Riedell offers consistent quality and experience. They did not just pop up in the roller derby scene. They have been making roller skates forever. Riedell is a classic. They're rugged and last a very long time. I have grown with Riedell from my first nylon plates and starter boots to custom made high end works of art to skate on. They have been my go to product as I grew as a skater and I have always preferred their skates.

For me, its not just about the gear. Its about the people and the customer service. Riedell as a company is extremely generous and supportive in sponsoring the sport of roller derby and they've been backing tournaments and events for our sport since day one. I personally know all of their staff, and I see them working crazy hours every roller derby event helping everyone with any question they have about gear. I love that I could go right now to Red Wing, Minnesota and meet the person who sewed my boots. USA!

Ok and finally, I hope to one day hang with the ice sponsored Riedell skater Johnny Weir.

How I Got into Derby:  CC Bullets sat across from the league founder Chassis Crass designing sweaters. She was the first recruited. CC and I played in a pickup band together. She told me about roller derby. She said, "It's getting pretty serious, they're wearing knee pads and helmets now." Gotham had about 8 skaters at that time. I physically showed up and bought a pair of $30 high boot skates at Modell's so I was in!...even though the last time I had skated in quad skates was a birthday party in the late 80's.

Pre-Bout Ritual:  Eating a mini banana! They're real and the perfect size for a quick pre-bout snack. Also I wash my gear the night before every game. Everyone should have that pre-bout ritual.

Favorite Thing(s) to Do Outside of Derby:  Going to flea markets, eating ice cream, playing pinball, and watching 90's Simpsons episodes.
Connect with Suzy Hotrod
Instagram: @suzyhotrod55