Radar and Sonar Roller Skate Wheels

Roller Skate Wheels

At first glance, wheels might seem like the most straightforward aspect of your roller skates. But this is far from the truth. In actuality, there are many variants of roller skate wheels at your disposal, and the ones you choose will affect your skating performance just as much (if not more so) as your boots, bearings or plates. That’s why it’s critical to understand which types of wheels best suit your specific needs if you’re truly committed to excelling as a roller skater. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s take a few minutes to review a few key facets of roller skate wheels and how they can impact you:


Wheel Size

The size of a skate’s wheels influences everything from its maximum speed to its weight and stability. Generally speaking, the largest wheels offer maximum stability and speed at the cost of maneuverability, making them a great choice for outdoor skating or speed skating. On the other hand (or foot), smaller skates sacrifice speed and stability for exceptional maneuverability, making them ideal for more precise forms of skating, including artistic skating or roller dancing.


Wheel Hardness

A skate’s hardness heavily impacts its durability, grip strength and shock absorption. Softer wheels are substantially more “grippy” than hard ones, making them a good pick when skating on slippery surfaces. Better grip also means better control, which is why many skating novices excel with softer wheels. Hard wheels are significantly more durable, but this comes at the cost of shock absorption and grip. However, note that many skating environments utilize sticky floors to compensate for this issue, so a hard wheel’s lack of grippiness may not be a problem at all depending on where you skate.


Wheel Width

A roller skate wheel’s width (also known as its profile) primary affects its speed, stability and maneuverability. Narrow wheels are usually a solid choice for fitness and speed skating because they’re substantially lighter, faster and enable more agile maneuvers, but this comes at the loss of stability. Wider wheels may not offer the same agility or speed as narrow ones, but they are unrivaled when it comes to stability, making them a great boon for beginner skaters.


Now that you have a better grasp on how different features of your roller skate wheels influence your performance, let’s discuss some of the exceptional wheel options we offer here at Riedell Roller:

Radar Wheels

Radar Wheels are made from the best urethane formulas available, guaranteeing maximal durability, speed and overall performance. Riedell offers a massive selection of Radar Wheels for every type of skating. Whether you’re committed to derby, outdoor, trail, jam, speed, rhythm, shuffle or any other form of skating, we can set you up with Rader Wheels that unleash your true skating potential. Here are a few of our most popular Radar Wheels:


Radar Halo Wheels

Utilizing an innovative, signature H-shaped hub, our Radar Halo wheels make it easy to attain world-class edging without sacrificing grip strength. The inner and outer edges of Halo wheel hubs are oversized to minimize the amount of urethane on the edge of the wheel. Not only does this unique feature make it easier to perform stops, but it also enables better response times, improving the quality of your ride.


Ideal for the following styles: Derby


Radar Energy 62 Wheels

The urethane of our Radar Energy 62 wheels features a very high rebound, allowing them to roll over debris and other rough surfaces with ease. Pair this smoothness with their exceptional durability and speed, and it’s no surprise why skaters across the nation look to these wheels for the best outdoor skating experience imaginable.


Ideal for the following styles: Outdoor, Trail Skating

Sonar Wheels

Sonar Wheels offer good performance at a budget-friendly price. Just like with Radar Wheels, Riedell features a great collection of Sonar Wheels for every type of skating under the sun. We highly recommend these wheels if you’re interested in getting a perfect start with any skating style without spending too much on wheels. Here’s a rundown on some of our most popular Sonar Wheels:


Sonar Demon EDM Wheels

Designed to function as the perfect recreation and session skating wheels, Sonar Demon EDM wheels feature a 95A urethane formula that offers skaters a solid roll at an unbeatable price. Customizable in eight striking colors, Demon EDM wheels are a wonderful choice if you’re just getting started with skating or interested in breaking into the session skating scene.


Ideal for the following styles: Jam, Session, Speed


Sonar Zen Wheels

The unique design of Sonar Zen wheels prioritizes maximum performance and control when skating in outdoor environments. Whether you’re ripping across blacktop, concrete or wood, these unbelievably cost-effective wheels will keep you rolling along with ease. Sonar Zens are ideal for any new skaters interested in outdoor or trail skating.


Ideal for the following styles: Outdoor, Trail Skating

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If you have any questions about our products or want more help with finding the perfect skate wheels for your needs and budget, then don’t hesitate to call or message us today. We would love to hear from you and discuss what we can do to make your skating experiences even better. Keep rolling and stay safe, fellow skaters. We’re rooting for you.