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Whether you’re looking to blaze past the competition in roller derby, break records in speed skating or just improve as a recreational skater, it’s imperative to find roller skates that optimize your performance. And while there are thousands upon thousands of roller skate models on the market, most of these products don’t offer the speed, control, comfort or resilience you’ll need to maximize your potential as a skater. Put simply, quality is key when it comes to roller skates. That’s why professional skaters and beginners alike trust in Riedell when looking for roller skate equipment that delivers outstanding results.


At Riedell, we’ve spent more than 70 years creating the most effective and innovative roller skates the industry has to offer for men and women. Our roller skates are comprised of top-quality components, ensuring unrivaled performance, comfort and longevity. With an extensive selection of boot designs, wheels, plates and bearings, Riedell empowers you to discover or create roller skates that beautifully suit your needs, preferences and constraints. If you’re ready to glide, turn, spin and cut with the best of them, then this is the perfect place for you.




What Makes An Outstanding Roller Skate?

Even the best skaters can’t excel without the right equipment, which raises the pivotal question: How should you determine which roller skate is the “right” choice? There are a variety of factors you need to consider before choosing a specific roller skate, especially if you’re skating competitively. Many new skaters get caught up on minor details like aesthetics, compelling them to pick up skates that look incredible but aren’t tailored around their performance needs. Other athletes might prioritize one key facet like acceleration too highly above the others, leading them to build skates that excel at speed but lack control and stability. In other words, to find the perfect roller skate for you, it’s essential to consider each of its component and how they interact with each other. After all, a great roller skate is much more than the sum of its parts.

Roller skates encompass far more than the four aspects we’ll be listing below. Even still, these features are a superb launching point when going through the process of building your own skates or simply learning more about how roller skates work.



Roller skate boots play an important part in ensuring proper fit and comfort for roller skaters. These boots come in two different top lengths: high top and low cut. High Top skate boots are taller and offer superior ankle support, making them a great choice for rhythm, artistic and outdoor skating. Low Cut skate boots are shorter, allowing the ankle to move more freely and making them an excellent option for jam skating, speed skating and roller derby. For more information on the different boots at your disposal, be sure to check out our Roller Skate Boot page.


A roller skate’s plate acts as the frame that its boot rests on. These plates can be built with aluminum or composite materials and feature different designs that affect performance and ease of use. For example, Riedell’s PowerDyne plates offer outstanding stability, clamping power and durability. Our PowerDyne plates are lighter, stronger, more resilient and more efficient than any other plates in existence, guaranteeing excellent results across each skating specialty.



The wheels of a roller skate can vary drastically in hardness and size depending on the style of skating they’re designed for. For example, outdoor skate wheels range from 78A to 80A in hardness, 57-65mm in height and 65-70mm in size. These soft, large wheels have excellent cushioning and versatility, allowing outdoor skaters to glide effortlessly over a range of skating surfaces. The specific brand of wheel you invest in can also heavily influence the quality of your roller skates. That’s why Riedell offers Radar and Sonar wheels. Radar Wheels leverage the best urethane formulas in the industry, offering unbeatable performance. Sonar Wheels combine solid performance with a budget-friendly price. You can learn more about Riedell’s selection of roller skate wheels here.



Bearings enable roller skates to spin and turn on the axles of their wheels. Believe it or not, these small components play a huge part in how quickly your skates accelerate and how smoothly they handle. Consequently, it’s critical to select skate bearings that consistently deliver a fast, long roll, especially if you’re building skates for derby, speed skating or other competitive skating styles. To guarantee longevity and outstanding performance for our skates, Riedell manufactures KwiK bearings. These hardy products pair a ceramic Titanium Nitride coating with the advanced characteristics of ceramic balls, fostering enhanced durability and optimizing maximum roll.


FAQ About Adult Roller Skates

Should I purchase a skate set or buy components individually?

Skate sets come complete with boots, plates, cushions, wheels, bearings and everything else you’ll need to get rolling. Riedell also offers sets for every style of skating, making it easy for you to pick up high-quality equipment for your unique needs. If you’re new to roller-skating or interested in exploring a different style of skating, then skate sets are perfect tools for getting started. Our skate sets will save you money, too. There are built-in “package discounts” for each one, so you’ll save money by purchasing the full set instead of buying its parts piecemeal.


As you become more experienced with your chosen skating styles, you’ll start to develop different preferences for wheels, plates, boots and bearings. You can always swap your set’s components out later once you have a better understanding of which ones suit you best.


Find Your Signature Skates With Riedell Roller

Interested in learning more about roller skates for adults or how Riedell can help you find or create a set to meet and exceed your skating aspirations? Then don’t hesitate to call or message us today. We would be more than happy to provide any additional resources or support you need to succeed in the exciting world of roller-skating!