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When your young athlete develops an interest in roller-skating, it can be challenging to determine which skating gear is right for him. Which skate set will work best for his specific performance style? Which skate accessories should you pick up to ensure that his skates stay in great condition for years to come? And, perhaps, most importantly, which boot size will provide an ideal fit for his growing feet? Fortunately, Riedell Roller is here to help you answer those pivotal questions.


Riedell has been manufacturing the best roller-skating equipment in the industry for over 70 years. We specialize in making high-quality roller skate boots, wheels, bearings and plates for every type of skater, regardless of their age, skill or experience level. Above all else, we aspire to provide your child with the resources and guidance he requires to excel as a roller skater. Whether you’re seeking a pair of top-quality outdoor skates, a simple and affordable set of recreational skates, or a range of tools and accessories to maintain and protect your child’s current equipment, Riedell has the products, expertise and passion to support your needs and goals.


Accounting For Your Child's Skating Style


It’s impossible to determine which skating equipment your young skater will need until you pin down his unique skating style. There are many skating forms spanning the art of roller-skating, and each of them encompasses unique rules, maneuvers and performance requirements. To account for and surpass these demands, we’ve organized our roller skate products into seven primary categories:



Our Rink & Speed products are designed to optimize ankle flexibility, acceleration and speed. Ideal for athletes interested in rink or speed skating.


Riedell’s Jam products provide the control, comfort and reliability needed to pull off even the most complex skating maneuvers or dance routines. Ideal for athletes interested in jam skating.


Riedell’s Rhythm products are designed to offer peerless flexibility and maneuverability, making slides, dances and shuffle skating routines significantly easier. Ideal for athletes interested in rhythm skating.



Our Outdoor products are built to thrive in even the harshest skating environments, making use of highly resilient components. Ideal for athletes interested in any type of outdoor skating.

Riedell Celebrity Black and White Roller Skates


Riedell’s RW Skates products offer excellent precision, smoothness and comfort for almost any form of skating. Ideal for athletes interested in recreational skating.


To make your shopping process as fast and convenient as possible, Riedell offers a range of roller skate sets for all seven of these skating categories. These comprehensive offerings include all of the core components—including boots, wheels, bearings and plates—your child will need to get started in their respective skating style.


If you’re just looking for one key component for your child’s skating equipment, Riedell provides a host of roller skate boots, wheels, bearings and plates for each skating style, making it easy to build a custom set that perfectly suits your athlete's needs and preferences. We also sell a number of tools and accessories for boys roller skates, including protective toe caps and guards that will keep your child’s skating equipment in top form.

Finding The Perfect Fit

Even if you invest in the highest quality roller skates available, they’re doomed to fail your child if they don’t fit him correctly. Properly fitting roller skates can make the difference between a long, fruitful skating career and a short-lived, painful hobby. Luckily, finding the right fit for your child is usually simple. In most cases, your kid’s optimal roller skate size will align with his regular shoe size. Also, bear in mind that boys roller skates can be adjusted to fit a small range of sizes. This feature ensures that your young athlete won’t outgrow his skate boot within a matter of months.

For the best results, we advise finding a roller skate boot that matches your child’s shoe size on the lower half of its size range. For example, if your boy wears a Youth 10 skate, try to find a skate boot with a size range of Youth 10 to Junior 3. This strategy will guarantee that your child’s skates fit him properly for at least a few years before he grows out of them.


If possible, have your child try his new roller skates on personally before purchasing them. This precaution will save you time and money if the product you’ve selected doesn’t mesh seamlessly with their needs and preferences. Here are a few key snippets of advice to follow when your child tries on his new skates:

Riedell Roller Skates Measurement Tips


A Tight, Comfortable Fit is Ideal

Proper roller skates should feel comfortably tight when first worn. In some cases, your child might state that his skates feel a little too tight, but that’s acceptable as long as they’re still comfy. Remember, roller skate boots take a little time to break in and mold around their wearer’s foot shape. Within a few uses, your boy’s skates should loosen up a bit more to provide an ideal level of comfort and support.


Boy Learning to Roller Skate


Avoid Loose Skates at All Costs

When ideal sizes are out of stock, some parents are compelled to buy relatively loose roller skates for their child, hoping that they will grow into them over time. The main problem with this approach is that loose skates lack the ankle support and protection your athlete needs to skate safely and effectively. If your boy’s roller skates don’t keep his feet securely in place once they’re fastened up, then move down one size and try again.


Double-Check Your Child’s Fit Assessments

Many children are so excited when trying on a fresh pair of roller skates that they’ll ignore issues with fit, especially if they don’t understand how much of an impact poor fit can have on their performance and overall comfort. That’s why it’s important to confirm that your child’s boots fit him correctly by adjusting his feet to check for tightness. Over time, your athlete will learn how a roller skate should feel when first worn; it’s your job to guide him in the right direction until then.

Find The Perfect Boys Roller Skate With Riedell

Interested in learning more about Riedell and our unrivaled roller skates for boys? Then don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information on our Youth and Junior roller skates. You can also reach out to us if you have any other questions about finding the right skating products and size ranges for your athlete. We would be more than happy to offer any additional support your child needs to fuel his passion for roller-skating.