Riedell Model 1065 (Boot Only)

  • Boot Material: Leather
  • Color: ColorLab
  • Price Range: $400 - $599
  • Skating Style: Derby
  • Width: B/AA (Delta), D/B (Gamma)

The Riedell Model 1065 roller skate boot is our top-of-the-line model and features hand-sorted full-grain leather uppers, Chinook leather lining, and a removable lace cover. The reinforced toe box adds a layer or protection from scuffing and allows for more up and down toe movement, while the Power Toe Wedge angles your toes slightly upwards for better leverage when pushing off. The Heel Lock System (HLS) holds your ankle in place to prevent heel lift. All these features help to make the 1065 the Cadillac of roller skates.

Pick your own colors with Riedell's ColorLab™! The Model 1065 boot is made to order, and will be built to your personalized color selection for no additional charge. Please allow 4–6 weeks for production and shipping.

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The Riedell Model 1065 Boot Features:

  • Hand-sorted full-grain leather upper
  • Full-grain Chinook leather lining
  • Power Toe – reinforced open toe box with rigid, anit-scuff leather for extra protection
  • Removable leather lace cover
  • Short counters
  • 3 Quarters HF-5 heat moldable
  • Heel Lock System (HLS)
  • Available size: 4–13 Full & Half - B/AA (Delta) and D/B (Gamma) widths

This is a made to order boot. Use Riedell ColorLab™ to choose your own color combination at no additonal cost.

 Hand Made in the U.S.A. by Riedell!

Need help finding your Riedell skate size? Click below to download our online Sizing Guide.

Click to download Riedell’s Low-Cut Boot Sizing Guide.

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*This information is our recommendation only. We strongly suggest trying on boots before purchasing to get your exact fit.

Every panel on this skate boot can be customized in the full range of Riedell's full grain leather, suede leather, and metallic leather color selections! Make it your own! To choose your leather and colors, visit Riedell ColorLab™ or click the button below and select the Model 1065 boot. Once you have personalized your boot and downloaded your .pdf file, contact us at 800-698-6893. Please allow 4–6 weeks for production and shipping.

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