Freight Train - #202

Riedell Superstar Freight Train

Riedell Skate Setup:
  • Boots: Custom Riedell Model 1065's
  • Plates: PowerDyne Reactor Pro Series
  • Cushions: PowerDyne Magic Cushions - Yellow (85A)
  • BearingsKwiK Swiss Nitride
  • Wheels: Radar Presto 59mm 91A (Highlighter Yellow)
  • Gear Bag: Riedell Travel Bag
Years Playing Derby: 7 years
Current Team(s) Skating For: 
  • Texas Rollergirls - Austin, TX
Position: Jammer, Pivot, Blocker...but mostly Jammer
Why I choose to skate Riedell: 
I skate Riedell because I think it's cool and it just feels like home. They provide the best maneuverability when it come to the dance skate moves I like to do. (Jam Skating)
It was at my first RollerCon in 2013 I had my first hopes and dreams of possibly becoming a Riedell Sponsored skater. Then I saw the Riedell vs Antiks game that same year and was sold. I was like "I wear Riedells, how can I play?"
Where I come from Riedell is easily known to be the best skate boots in the business. I've always skated in them growing up. In addition, my dad always says a billion good things about his Riedell skates and their products. Me skating for Riedell makes him proud. All and all Riedell is simply the best brand I know and feel I could represent quite well. I am appreciative of this opportunity to do so.
What I love about Roller Derby: 
I love that it’s a sport that involves skating. I love that it provides a challenge and makes me work hard. I love that it has brought me vast opportunities and friends from all over the world. I love that it gets me out the house.
One piece of derby advice for someone just starting out:
Hmm. I would say don’t always compare yourself to others. Everyone is on a different derby journey and develop at a different rates. Learning, support, and success takes time. Stick with it folks!
My best derby memory: 
I have so many memories over the years that’s it’s hard to choose one. Anything that involves international travel has always excited me. Whether it’s coaching or going to a tournament; I learn so much on these derby adventures.
Also, the 2017 Rollercon All-stars East vs West game was crazy! I’ll never forget that one.
What I consider to be my super power:
Strength and the ability to keep going and adapt when things get hard. The ability to take big problems and break it down to smaller solvable problems. I believe it’s called mental resilience.
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