Miracle Whips - #123

Riedell Superstar Miracle Whips

Riedell Skate Setup: 
  • Boots: Custom Model 495
  • Plates: PowerDyne Reactor Pro Series
  • Cushions: PowerDyne Magic Cushions
  • Bearings: KwiK Zenith
  • Wheels: Radar Halo Orange 86A
  • Footbed: R-Fit
  • Gear Bag: Radar Backpack
Years Playing Derby: 6 1/2 years
Current Team(s) Skating For: 
  • Montréal New Skids on the Block - Montreal, Quebec Canada
  • Team Canada
Position: Jammer
Why I choose to skate Riedell: 
My idea of a great boot is one that becomes a second skin to your feet and gives it a flexible yet sturdy support. Riedell was able to offer me exactly the boot I wanted! My boot fit me perfectly: I can forget completely about the gear to focus only on my performance.
When you lace a pair of Riedell boots, you experience the company’s history: you’re wearing the pride creation of a business that has been closely involved with skaters of different disciplines for more than 70 years. The quality is unmatched.
What I love about Roller Derby: 
I love how the sport allows people to connect to their bodies in a natural, wholesome way. It is an emancipation tool, as it teaches us to dare step out of gender imposed boundaries to look inward, tapping in strengths that we may not have been aware we had until then.
Roller derby encourages people to be bold and confident in their own abilities, while also teaching that the greatest strength is collaborative. There is no room for ego on a team: the team project is bigger than the sum of our individual selves. It’s a fantastic life lesson right there!
One piece of derby advice for someone just starting out:
Roller derby is global. As a skater, you are not only part of your local community, but also the world’s. It is an incredibly precious opportunity to travel, broaden your skills, meet new people and live new experiences! So go ahead and attend events! Drop in practices! Look up league, contact them via their websites or their social media pages. Present yourself and ask to be hosted, simply.
I’ve only met open arms since I started skating and I can proudly say that meeting so many beautiful people shaped the person I became through the years. I can only encourage new skaters to do the same!
My best derby memory:
Montreal vs Bay Area, Montreal D1 Playoffs 2016. I was given the last jam. Anything was still possible as Montreal only had a few points of advance.
I scored, then defended our points with everything I had. We won that game, and with it, the opportunity to make our way to the highest stage of them all, the WFTDA D1 Championships.
The crowd, the tears, the cheers, everything hit me hard, but it is really meeting up track side with skaters from previous Skids generations that struck me the deepest. We had finally achieved the dream they had pursued for years. They had paved our way. I felt part of a project much bigger than I was aware of. It was a transcending experience, really.
What I consider to be my super power:
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