Ashley Brewton

Riedell Superstar Ashley Brewton

Riedell Skate Setup:
  • Boots: Custom Riedell 951
  • Plates: PowerDyne Arius Platinum
  • Cushions: PowerDyne Arius Split Butterfly Cushions
  • Bearings: KwiK Swiss Nitride
  • Wheels: Radar Speed Ray Wide 96A Gray (Discontinued)
  • Toe Stop: PowerDyne Jam Plug
  • Gear Bag: Riedell Travel Bag

Nickname: Ash

Hometown:  Dallas, TX

How many years you have been skating?  20 years

Skating Style(s): Jam and Outdoor

Why I choose to wear Riedell
I skate Riedell because Riedell is the most high quality, durable and comfortable skate around. The possibilities are endless and I have been able to come up with some of the craziest ideas for skates and with Riedell I am able to bring my ideas to life. When I skate in Riedell’s I am comfortable and light on my feet. I could not ask for a better product!
If I could skate in one place for the rest of my life it would be:
I would have to say Westlake Skate Center - my home rink. Yes, there are many rinks/places all over the world that I still dream of skating at, but Westlake holds a special place in my heart. I’ve spent lots of time there with many amazing friends and family.
My personal motto: 
“Good Enough” Isn’t Good Enough.
My favorite music to jam out to:
I love skating to anything upbeat. I have performed to many songs by Paula Abdul and Beyonce. If you hear the song Planet Rock by Afrika Bambaataa, you can bet that I will be shuffling and if Oh Sheila by Ready for the World is playing, catch me groovin’ in the middle.
3 words to describe me:
Loyal. Motivated. Honest.
3 fun facts that most people don't know about me:
  • I love teaching.
  • I have a Master’s Degree in Reading.
  • I love the Kansas City Chiefs.
Someone I admire and why: 
My mom! My mom is my best friend and I honestly don’t know what I would do without her. My mom has done everything in her power to give my little brother and I the best life possible. Now that I see her as a Grandma to my daughter it makes my love for her even stronger (if that is even possible). Her toughness, unconditional love and support is never-ending. I can only hope to be half the mom that she is.
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