Hayley Havick

Riedell Superstar Hayley Havick
Photo courtesy of George Medina


What does Hayley Havick skate on?

  • Custom Riedell Hybrid High Top boots

Nickname: Havoc

Hometown:  Encinitas, CA

How many years you have been skating?  5 years

Skating Style(s): Park-Ramp, Bowl, Street, Pool

Why I choose to wear Riedell
Riedell makes the best skate boots on the market- also the most versatile. From a starter skate to the highest level of the spectrum, they meet the demands of the roller skater community. I don't worry about wrecking my skates and they've held up to my every test, lasting longer than any I've previously worn. I’m always comfortable and supported while wearing them, no matter what I’m skating. I got to customize my model completely with the intention of progressing my skill. I choose to align with companies of authenticity - with a history of integrity. They fit!
If I could skate in one place for the rest of my life it would be:
It no longer exists as it was recently destroyed, but there was an empty pool in Lake Elsinore known as the Clinton Keith pool. I came to really enjoy it and how it unforgiving some of the transitions were. It had been there for decades and although I only spent a handful of days there, I loved every one.
My personal motto: 
Fear is excitement without the breath.
My favorite music to jam out to:
Massive Attack
3 words to describe me:
Brave. Stubborn. Instense.
3 fun facts that most people don't know about me:
  • I was born by midwives, on a street called Mars.
  • I'm related to Buffalo Bill.
  • I love riding horses.
Someone I admire and why: 
I admire a young skater named Olivia Wardlow, at the age of 11 she never ceases to feed my inner child and innate passion with her eager spirit. I don’t think that she recognizes how talented she is yet and I’m lucky to have her friendship as we grow in skating together.
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