Juke Boxx - #18

 Michele J Hale

Riedell Skate Setup:
  • Boots: Custom Riedell 495
  • Plates: PowerDyne Arius Platinum
  • Cushions: PowerDyne Arius Split Butterfly Cushion - Yellow-Green (86A) and Red (92A)
  • Bearings: KwiK Ceramic
  • Wheels: Radar Halo Yellow 91A
  • Toe Stop: PowerDyne Jupiter
  • Footbed: R-Fit
  • Gear Bag: Riedell RXT Backpack
Years Skating:  31 years skating; 12 years roller derby
Hometown:  Belgium, Wisconsin. Currently located in Barcelona Spain
Skating Style:  I grew up jamskating and working in a roller rink, and got into roller derby in college. I competed at a very high level for many years and continue to compete with a WFTDA team, but not in D1 anymore.
Why I choose to skate Riedell: 
Riedell makes quality products and is run by excellent people. They really care about their craft and the consumer as well as their business practices. I really value that commitment to their employees, the communities they serve as well as the effort they put into their products themselves. It’s obvious to me why they have survived the test of time, they really care and continue to innovate!
If you were stranded on island that luckily had a skating rink, other than your Riedell skates, what is one item that you would want to have with you?
Something to play some music! Nothing like skating with a UE boom past some palm trees, which is basically why I moved to Spain.
What motivates you to be the best skater you can be? 
I think that the feeling you get from being on wheels is so enjoyable, that to me it’s part of my DNA at this point. When it comes to the recreational side of things, I wouldn’t say I’m pushing myself as much as I’m playful with a natural curiosity at where my limits of balance are located.

When it comes to derby, well that’s another case. I really enjoy how powerful I feel when I put on my skates and play derby and I don’t want to lose that feeling. In that setting, the biggest driving force for me is that I really enjoy training with my team! It makes me want to make us better and I am a part of that. It’s like we are dancing on track and it’s the very best.
What is your biggest pet peeve?
I’m a mom of a toddler. I don’t even have time to be annoyed by things.
Which 3 individuals, living or dead, would you like to eat dinner with the most?
I’m going to choose all dead people because there is no way possible for me to select living ones because I have moved from 4 cities and have so many folks I miss and love dearly all around the globe.
  1. Prince - because I used to live in Minnesota and I know he would sometimes like to bring people to roller skating parties and I mean c’mon… PRINCE, who knows what would happen!
  2. My auntie and uncles who have passed away in recent years - John, Bill and Laurene. It wouldn’t really be fair to not have dinner with all of them at once because we need enough people to play some sheepshead together! (a card game local to my home state)
  3. I take it back about the dead people only, I would like to go out to eat with my partner,  Ballistic Whistle. He’s the person I enjoy the most, he makes me belly laugh and we hardly get to go out to dinner in the evening because we are parents without family close by.
If you could write a book about your life, what would the title be and why?
‚Äč"The Wheels of our Lives" - my life has been intrinsically tied into roller skating at all stages of my life, from childhood to now. Most of my formative experiences - first job at a rink, sports, travel, design work, meeting my partner, moving countries - they are all tied into my life in the skating world. I am forever grateful for that. Oh and when I tell someone new about my life story, it feels like telling them about a sitcom or soap opera haha.
At practice, what is one skating maneuver you are currently working on to get better at? 
Currently working on getting my acceleration back to my pre-pregnancy standard! So explosiveness in skating form more specifically.
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