Loren Mutch - #77

 Phantom Photographics

Riedell Skate Setup:
  • Boots: Custom Riedell 495
  • Plates: PowerDyne Reactor Pro Series
  • Cushions: PowerDyne Magic Cushions - Red (78A)
  • BearingsKwiK Ceramic
  • Toe Stop: PowerDyne Jupiter
  • Wheels: Radar Halo 93A (Pink)
  • Insoles: R-Fit™ Footbed 
  • Gear Bag: Riedell Travel Bag and Riedell RXT Backpack
Years Skating:  12 years
Hometown:  Port Orchard, WA
Skating Style:  Derby - Fast and Agile
Why I choose to skate Riedell: 
Riedell is the brand that I've trusted for many years. I love that they're handmade here in the U.S. My first pair of skates were Riedell R3s, that I wore when I made Rose City's travel team for the first time. The boots are strong and give me the quickest reaction times, and fit me so well that I don't get blisters or aches. I'm proud to wear skates that help me peform well. 
If you were stranded on island that luckily had a skating rink, other than your Riedell skates, what is one item that you would want to have with you?
Lots of snacks! Does that count as one thing?
What motivates you to be the best skater you can be? 
My teammates. My teammates always give 100% at practice, and that makes me give 100% right back.
What is your biggest pet peeve?
When you're standing in line and the person behind you is standing way too close
Which 3 individuals, living or dead, would you like to eat dinner with the most?
Ariana Grande, Megan Rapinoe, and Sophie Kaplan
At practice, what is one skating maneuver you are currently working on to get better at? 
I'm working on making spins a more regular part of my tool set.
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