Riedell Superstar Skatefantacee's 2020 Custom 3200 boot
Skatefantacee's Skate Setup:
  • Boots: Custom Riedell 3200
  • Plates: PowerDyne Arius Platinum
  • Wheels: Radar Varsiy Plus 57 White
  • Bearings: KwiK Ceramic
  • Toe Stop: Jam Plug
  • Gear Bag: Riedell RXT Backpack and Riedell Wheeled Travel Bag
Years Skating:  8 years skillfully but like most children I skated outside and at the rink. I was self-taught and never knew there was a thing called “TRICKS”.
Hometown:  Worldwide- as a military child Born in Texas, but spent most of my life in the DMV area; always had trouble calling anywhere home (Cali, Arizona, NC, etc) until I stopped upon Atlanta, Ga and made it my home for now
Skating Style:  It’s hard to categorize my style of skating as many other skaters I’m surrounded by choose 1 style and stick to it...well I love all styles and all types of skating so much that I do them all.  It’s actually what has helped me gain momentum in the skate community. I am proud to be able to skate any style. That is why my brand and Tshirt logo is I AM A SKATER NOT A STYLE. As far as a preference on any given day, I love rhythm skating, dancing on skates, JB style skating, etc.
Why I choose to skate Riedell: 
My practical and logical reason for skating Riedell is comfortability & easy access to trained professionals and good customer service. Now my gut reason is I LOVE RIEDELL!!!! My skate life is what is now because every time I’ve upgraded, I’VE UPGRADED :-D 
If you were stranded on island that luckily had a skating rink, other than your Riedell skates, what is one item that you would want to have with you?
Since there is a skating rink I know all my necessities (toiletries, electricity or power source, other ppl, satellite tv, phone, food, heat, and a/c, etc) would be taken care of so no worries there… the one thing I would have to have is my to record all the cool skate moments I’d experience and post/send to my BFF’s- family friends followers, & to be able to check for updates when help is on the way (not that I’d be in any rush fr because this sounds like a well-needed hiatus for me right now :-D)
What motivates you to be the best skater you can be? 
My motivation seems innate that it comes from within; a desire to help others experience as much fun as I do and to not give up no matter what. 
What is your biggest pet peeve?
I have a few biggest, but to narrow down to a single one specifically related to skating is when such hatred is shown by so-called famous skaters who put others down to lift themselves up publicly…. for example, saying on social media posts (FB) that people cannot skate a particular style of skating if they are not from a particular city, specifically their city. I’m so grateful to the thousands of skaters who support “I am a skater NOT A STYLE” as a lifestyle and the freedom to skate any style-sound mind & body.
Which 3 individuals, living or dead, would you like to eat dinner with the most?
Elizabeth Taylor, Angela Bassett, and Muhammad Ali
If you could write a book about your life, what would the title be and why?
"HELLO BETTER; GOODBYE WORSE" - Because I’ve watched replays time and time again of how a story ends and to keep going towards worse is insanity.
At practice, what is one skating maneuver you are currently working on to get better at? 
Wow, there are so many intricate moves I’m working on but one specific one while I am “snapping” on the outside and I go back and forth from one leg to the other and opposite hands while holding a partners arm. 
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