Hayley Havick

Team Riedell ramp and park skater Hayley Havick

Hayley Havick's skate set up featuring the Riedell Model 2010

Photo: Kevin Bouffard

What does Hayley Havick skate on?

  • Custom Riedell Model 2010 boots

Nickname/Go-By Name:  Havoc

Hometown:  Colorado Springs, CO

How many years you have been skating?  5 years

Are you a part of any skate groups or crews?
Chicks in Bowls
Why do you choose to wear Riedell?
I find Riedell to have the most well-made skate boots on the market as well as the most versitile. From a starter skate to the highest end of the spectrum, they meet the demands of the roller skater community. I don't worry about wrecking my skates and they've held up to my every test, lasting longer than anything I've previously worn. I got to customize my 2010 model completely with the intention of progressing my skating.
I choose to align with companies of authanticity - and a history or integrity. They fit!
Do you have a favorite move or trick?
I am currently working on perfecting and properly nailing inverts! I love practicing these... (I do love trying to keep up with the boy's tricks ;))
What is your best skating memory?
I spent one hot Spring day learning how to skate my local drainage ditch. An iconic spot, it’s a monster that really beat me up until I got a handle for the transition of its banks. I remember hitting certain parts face first. I remember how it felt to finally flow it well, avoiding the drain holes, dirt piles, pumping for height, and leaping up over the wall that had me stuck. I followed it down a good quarter of a mile like a Disneyland ride.
That was the same day I learned to cross the large round pipe that sat above it, about 15 feet off the ground. My friend guided me through the process from the other end, reminding me to keep looking up at him and moving my feet over the horrid round surface!
Where is your favorite place to skate and why?
The Cardiff clover bowl at Poods Park in Encinitas, CA. I used to climb into this bowl when I started park skating and I'd push around from the bottom. I know it like the back of my hand, yet it's still one of the most challenging places I skate!
If you could have any one super power, which would you choose?
Whatever power(s) Brian Wainwright has, I want those.
What are three things still left on your bucket list?
I think those things seem to choose me, so you'll have to wait and see... Europe seems to be calling me though, and I'd like to experience some skate spots that I've been eyeing for the past few years.
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